The Good Samaritan Tomb

You can find this headstone that commemorates an unknown woman in the north-west part of the Churchyard.  It dates from about the late 18th Century and is unusual for a headstone of this date in having a relief carving of a Biblical scene.

The carving depicts the parable of the Good Samaritan. On the headstone, the victim is seen lying to the left, with the Samaritan kneeling beside him at the centre; to the right, the head of the donkey is seen tethered to a tree. The relief is worn but legible. 

Very little of the inscription below, in a variety of scripts, is legible, though the words 'Wife of [...]' can be read below the area which held the subject's name, and the words '[...] Children / [Who] all died in their infancy' can be read at the bottom.