The Hall family tomb

This Grade II listed family tomb commemorates the Halls, a prominent local merchant family.  The position of the tomb immediately to the south of the church's west door emphasises their status.

The tomb dates from 1812, when Ann Hall (née Powell), wife of Ambrose Hall, died and was buried. The Halls appear in Burke's Genealogical and Heraldic History of the Landed Gentry (1875), where it is noted that the family had a long history connected with the trade and commerce of London, being first recorded in the mid-C16; the family were members of the Drapers' Company. The family were for many years based in Hertfordshire.  Ambrose Hall (1739-1815), described as being a merchant of London and of Sutton, was the son of Thomas Hall and his wife Mary, was the daughter of Sir Ambrose Crowley, who traced his lineage back to King
Edward I. 

Ambrose and Ann Hall were married in 1762, and lived at The Hermitage, Walton-on-the-Hill, as well as in London. They are buried with their son, Humphrey (1763-1848) and his wife Maria Jane (née Nordaby, d 1865), and his son, Ambrose William Hall (d 1897), who was vicar of Longcross in Surrey, before moving to Debden in Essex, and his wife Anne (d 1867).

The tomb is a chest tomb of simple form, with a moulded base and reeded top. The inscriptions are engraved, and original paint, used to highlight these, survives, particularly to the north and east faces. The inscriptions are set within engraved panels, and remain consistent in style, with Roman lettering, over the 85 years during which they were made. The tomb is set on a raised base, and was originally surrounded by railings; the holes for the railings remain in the base.

The inscription on the north face reads: 

In affectionate Remembrance of
of Walton on the Hill in this County
and of Albion Street Surrey Road
Blest with a fine Understanding
and a Heart replete with 
every Christian Virtue 
She ended a truly valuable
exemplary Life 
in this Parish 
on the 27th of January 1812 
Aged 77 Years'. 

The inscription on the south face reads: 

'This Tomb was erected by 
of Walton on the Hill and 
Albion Street, Surrey Road 
both in this County
He departed this life in the 31st Day of December 1815 
Aged 77 Years 
His Remains are here deposited 
and his Memory will be long held in dutiful 
and affectionate Remembrance.' 

The inscription on the east face reads: 

to the Memory of 
of the Hermitage 
Walton on the Hill, Surrey 
who departed this life 
on the 24 of August 1848 
in the […] of his Age. 
[…] MARIA JANE […]'. 

The inscription on the west face reads: 

wife of the REV.D AMBROSE 
Rector of Debden in 
The County of Essex 
Died April 17TH 1867 
Aged 51 Years 
Also the Rev.D AMBROSE 
sometime Vicar of Longcross 
in this County 
and Rector of Debden 
in the County of Essex 
Died April 2ND 1897 
Aged 83 Years'.