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The Will of Richard Coke the Elder

"1494 PCC 12 VOX (Latin Will)

Richard Coke the Elder, Sutton, Surrey

Dated 1st May 149- To be buried in the parish church of St Nicholas of Sutton in the Chapel of St Mary the Virgin. To the mother church of Winton VId also IIs to the High Altar To Sutton Church for repairs XXs and masses to be celebrated for a quarter year for my soul. for soul of my father William Cooke and my mother Joan and wife Joan, and the souls of all my relations and benefactors, the Easter next after my death, and to continue yearly for four years at discretion of my Executors concerning payment. To each grandson of mine a measure of wheat. My wife Joan to have all she had at the time of our marriage and her share of my goods at my decease and to enjoy my tenement called the Heggers for her lifetime and farm at VI marks (rent?) and keep all in good repair. After decease of said Joan said tenement to be to John Cooke junior my son and his heirs with remainder to heirs of me Richard Cooke. My son Richard Cooke to relinquish all right and title to said tenement and lands of his brother John and his heirs the said John has demised to his brother Richard and his heirs all his right to the Manor of Sutton and all lands and tenements from me Richard Cooke I also will that my Executors keep in repair my dwelling at Streend. I ordain as Overseers my wife Joan and Master William Kelett Rector of Sutton and Nicholas Stoner. Executors my sons Richard Cook and John Cooke the younger.

Cedula made by me 13th June 9th Henry VII

Richard Morlond gent, John Yew gent John Compton yeoman Nicholas Scowyer yeoman, to my son Richard Coke of and in one tenement in Croydon Surrey one time Thomas Fowlers to him and his heirs, and if it happen the said Richard Cooke and his heirs die I will that the tenement may remain to my own heirs for ever. Let it be known by John Coke my son and my wife Joan that they are to have the tenement called Lakelys with reversion to heirs of Richard Cooke senior. My tenements in Croydon called Bersham fyld to said Richard my son and the lands in Sutton and Chaham (Cheam?) Surrey. Thomas Playstowe and Agnes his wife to have my tenement in Sutton called Gaddys, for life and to their heirs.

Probate at Lamehith 27th July 1494 by the Executors named. Inventory to be shewn the Day of St Bartholemew next ensuing.

Source: Hooper, H. J. 'Some Surrey wills in the prerogative court of Canterbury, 1'. Surrey Archaeological Collections, 51