Henry Parry

Henry (John) Parry. Rector of Sutton 17th February 1560 to 1568???.

There is some confusion about whether Parry is John or Henry Parry. Parry succeeded Edmund Marvyn who was deprived of his living in 1560. Parry was instituted on 17 February 1560(1) when Thomas Wyndsore is given as patron. In 1553 Sutton and other Carew estates had been restored to Sir Francis Carew by Queen Mary. Sir Francis Carew was therefore Lord of the Manor at the time of Parry's institution but it is not immediately clear how it is that the patron is given as Thomas Wyndsore. Either the advowson would have remained with Queen, would would have been Elizabeth and Wyndsore was her agent or it had passed to Carew and Wyndsore acted as his.

Because of the role of Henry Hungate as the presenting patron in 1568 for Thomas Halliday it is reasonable to assume that the Advowson had been united with the Lordship of the Manor and Wynsore was the agent of Sir Francis Carew.

In the diocesan records (3) there is a John Parry who is described as the rector of Sutton in 11th May 1567. There is note in latin:
"Sequestrentur fructus ob inoifficiacoem cura' ibidem" which I think means something like "taking possession of the enjoyment(or fruit) concerning the unworkmanlike? care of the place".

Curates Included

1562, David Browne, Curate (4)
10th February 1564, Henricus West, Curate (2)
20th January 1565, Johannes Flande, Curate (2)
17th January 1566, Johes Fludde, Curate (2)
24th May 1568, Johes Haule, Curate (2)

The number of curates to be found in the records would seem to indicate that Parry was an absentee and if my understanding of the Latin is then correct then he was considered exceptionally neglectful of the souls in his care.

It can be hypothesised that he was deprived of his living sometime in 1568


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