John Pynnere and William Ferye

John Pynnore had come to Sutton from Buckland in May 1392. The patron at that time was the Abbot of Chertsey.

John Pynnore left St Nicholas 15th October 1397 and exchanged parishes with William Ferye who came from London.

In Wykehams Register published in 1896 (page 211-212)
"Sutton - St. Margaret Moises, Friday St. Inst. ds. John Pynnore, r. of Suttone (Sutton, Surrey) to ch. St Margaret Moisy, Fridaystrete, London, on exch. with William Ferye, under comm. from bp. of London. Pat. of Sutton, the king. Southwark, 15th October 1397."
St Margaret Moses was at the South East end of Friday Street, in Cheapside. It was destroyed in the Great Fire of London (2-5 September 1666) and not rebuilt.

The King at the time was Richard II.