Robert Cordell

In the book, The Practice and Representation of Reading in England (Cambridge University Press 1996), by James Raven, Helen Small, Naomi Tadmor, there is the following passage.
When Daniel Steward, a yeoman from Sutton in Surrey, composed a variety of ballards against his vicar Robert Cordell, he earned the reputation of 'being a comon sclanderer and backebiter of this neighbours' and was presented as such before the ecclesiastical authorities, the quarter sessions at Kingston and finally the Star Chamber of Westminster. His wares ranged from full ballards, like 'Hay downe a-downe go downe a-downe/This was Hollore Cole of Carsholton towne', to this bawdy little jingle:

The parson of Sutton
Loves last mutton
Venison is soe leene,
He was burnt with a whore
And therefore he swore
He would come noe more there.
There is also information that links Robert Cordell with James Griffith an earlier Rector of Sutton.

Indenture, dated 4 May, 21 Elizabeth, between Mabel, daughter of John Griffith, doctor of laws, deceased, and Thomas Pagitt, esquire, declaring that a demise, dated 10 March, 10 Elizabeth, by James Griffith, brother of the said John, to Thomas Grenwood of the Inner Temple, gentleman, of the rectory of Sutton, the confirmation thereof by Sir Francis Carewe, knight, the patron, and by Robert [Home], bishop of Winchester, and an assignment, dated 18 December, 43 Elizabeth, of the said demise by Thomas Grenwood, gentleman, son, heir, and executor of the said Thomas Grenwood, to the said Mabel, have been left with the said Pagitt to be kept by the said Mabel and Robert Cordell, parson of Sutton, to whom she has demised the premises, on certain conditions as to production in Court and redelivery. English. Paper. Signatures of Thomas Pagitt, Robert Cordell, and witnesses.

From: 'Deeds: C.7901 - C.8000', A Descriptive Catalogue of Ancient Deeds: Volume 6 (1915), pp. 537-553. URL: Date accessed: 20 March 2008.

Robert Cordell died in office before 1624. His son Nicholas, became a scholar at Tonbridge School.

"1627 CORDELL, Nicholas, (S. & F.), son of Robert Cordell, clerk, f deceased, of Sutton, Surrey. Brasenose College, and afterwards All Souls' College DD 1660."

Source: The Register of Tonbridge School, By Tonbridge School. Published 1893