Henry Wyche

Henry Wyche, born Oct. 7, 1604, Son of Richard (and Elizabeth) of London.

From the Register of St Nicholas Church

"Sutton. Henry Wyche, being a non Regent Maister of Arts in the University of Cambridge, was inducted by Thomas Pope into the Rectorie of Sutton, 10 Jun An. Dom. 1636 , after a Resignation made of the same Rectorie by Jose Glover, who was much beloved of the most (if not of All), & his departure much lamented of the most, if not of All. "
In 1637 Nathanaell Nicholas was appointed his curate.

From the register

Henry Wich Rector of Sutton & Ellen Quinnell (Bennett?) of Mordon Widdow were married 15 Oct 1644.

Ellen Quinnell may have been the widow of Robert Quinell the Vicar of Ashtead. Robert Quinell was sequestered 20 September 1643 but had died four days earlier.

Source: Malden, Henry Elliot. 'Rectors and vicars of Surrey parishes (supplementing and correcting the lists in "Manning & Bray's History of Surrey").' Surrey Archaeological Collections, 27 (1914).

The following baptisms are recorded in the Sutton Parish register

18 Nov 1645 Helena Wyche daughter. Henry Wyche, Rector of Sutton, born 04 Nov 1645 between 11 Nov 1645 & 12 Nov 1645 at night & bap.
04 Feb 1648 Henry Wyche son. Henry Wyche, Rector of Sutton, borne 27 Jan 1648 , bap.
19 May 1651 James Wyche son. Henry Wyche, Rector de Sutton, borne 06 May 1651 , bap.
22 Mar 1652 Susan Wyche daughter. Henry Wyche, Rector de Sutton, bap.
18 Aug 1655 Elizabeth Wyche d. Henery Wyche, Rectr of Sutton, borne.
18 Aug 1657 William Wyche son. Henr Wyche, borne.
17 Aug 1661 Anne Wyche daughter. Henr Wyche, borne.
06 May 1663 Rebecca Wyche daughter. Henr Wyche, borne.

29 Jun 1671 Cutbert Dale & Susan Wyche, daughter. Henry Wyche, Rector of Sutton, married.

A notable Baptism took place on Easter day 15th April 1677, described in the Parish Register as that of John Sango, a Moor

Note: England at this time was still using the Julian Calendar and had not yet switched to using the Gregorian calendar that was used by the Catholic nations of Europe.

On 15 Sep 1678 Mr Henery Wych, Rector of Sutton was buried. His tomb is in the church.

Last Will and Testament of Henry Wyche
Source: http://members.cox.net/htpiii/lwt.htm
Dated, April 17th 1677

In the name of God, Amen. I Henry Wyche Rector of Sutton in Surry County being in perfect health and memory praised be God Doe make and ordain this my last Will and Testament [?] first I bequeth my soul to God my Maker hopeing through the meritorious death and passion of my only Saviour Jesus Christ to receive the free pardon and forgiveness of all my sins and to enjoy everlasting life with my Saviour And as for my body to be buryed in a Christian buryall at the discretion of my wife [?] I bequeth and give all my personall goods and [??] to Ellen my wife to be disposed as she pleases among my children And I make her my sole executrix Lastly I give unto the poore of Sutton forty shillings This I make my last Will and Testament revoking all other Wills and Testaments whatsoever In witness hereunto I sett my hand and seal the day and date above Henry Wyche. Signed and sealed in the presence of John [name] [?]

In later years the name Wyche seems to have changed into Wick, Wicks or Woughs. There are families of those names well represented in the parish registers of Sutton and Beddington. This indicates that the original pronounciation of the name is "Wick" and not "Witch".

His son, also called Henry who was born Jan. 27, 1648, emigrated to America in the late 1670s settling in Surrey County, VA on the Nottaway River. Wife's name is unknown. He died prior to March 18, 1714 when his Will was proven. Henry was the father of four sons: George, Henry, William, James.


Sutton Parish Registers
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