Giles Hatch

Giles Hatch was appointed Rector 8th January 1767 by John Thomas, Bishop of Winchester (1761-1781)

Thomas Hambley was appointed curate on 21st May 1769 with a stipend £40. p.a.
George Stone was appointed curate on 13th March 1776 with a stipend of £35 p.a.
John Portis was appointed curate on 21st December 1793 with a stipend of £40 p.a.
Peter Auburtin was appointed curate on 3rd June 1798 with a stipend of £40 p.a.

The advowson, which had been generally annexed to the manor, was by 1792 vested in the Reverend Giles Hatch, the then incumbent.

Giles Hatch was married to Cassandra -

The following are records of his children's baptisms

29 Nov 1789 Mosden son. born 01 Nov 1789 , registered 29 Nov 1789.
04 Aug 1782 [sic] Eleanor daughter.
01 Jan 1779 Eleanor daughter
04 Aug 1777 Cliffe son
11 May 1775 Catherine daughter
18 Jul 1771 Frances daughter
22 Mar 1770 Elizabeth daughter

Giles Hatch died in 1800.

Quoting Peter Likeman

"Giles Hatch was the Rector, it is recorded in the Register, that set aside an area in the churchyard for burial of himself and his family and marked it the corners with four white stones. Three of the stones are still there on the south side of the Gibson tomb, two without any inscription but the one nearest the tomb and the Rectory wall has on it the names: Mosden and (I think) Eleanor."

The Environs of London: volume 1: County of Surrey (1792), pp. 492-496.
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