Charles Gardner

Rev. Charles Gardner was instituted Rector 11th March 1800 by Brownlow North, Bishop of Winchester (1781-1820).

The Patron is recorded Sarah Walford, spinster, of Woolverton in Hampshire.

Henry Parish was appointed curate on 3rd June 1814 with a stipend £50. p.a.
William Henry Butler was appointed curate on 1st June 1823 with a stipend of £40 p.a.

Quoting Peter Likeman

"I was looking for the date of a letter from Thomas Hatch, Rector of Walton on Thames to St Nicholas; I supposed to his brother Henry Hatch but the date is too early: 1826. However the letter confirms that Thomas Hatch held the Advowson (I think that means he was patron) in that year. [an extension had been built to the old church in that year and he was complaining at the way the churchwardens had been allocating the pews and was going to reduce his annual contribution from £20 to £10 as a consequence]."

Charles Gardner died in 1831.