Richard Eliot

Richard Eliot, Rector of Sutton 10 February 1540 - died before 9th May 1543.

10th February 1540 was instituted as Vicar(1)(Sic) by the Bishop of Winchester, Stephen Gardiner. The Vacancy had been caused by the resignation of the previous incumbant Richard Sedgrave. The Patron was given as King Henry. Eliot had been Rector of Byfleet(1) and resigned that living on 21st April 1540.

Eliot died some time before 9th May when Miles Braithwaite was presented with the rectory following his death. (3)

The will(2) of Richard Eliot (probate was granted 19th May 1543) shows a very happy relationship between Parson and People at that time. He desired "To be buried in the Church at the high altar".

To the said Church 26/8d, a priest to sing for me for one year.
To Thomas Bullyng £10 a bed and a ketel.
To George Begley a bed, my gelding and three cushions.
To Roger Pope the bed in the parlour and its belongings.
To Mother Mottram 3/4d.
To Kellour 6/8d.
To Henry Cotteryll two of my best hogs in the gate.
To Nicholas Pope two hogs and one qr. of barley.
I forgive Goodman Perker, Wm. Best and John Best the whetage of their kine due to me at Easter.
I forgive all that dwell at Sutton the tithe lambs.
Corn sown on Glebe lands I give to Sutton Church.
To Thomas Roger a counter tabill.
To Thomas Joderay a poulting iron.

All my residue to my Executors to give to needy persons in Sutton Parish.


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